Our history and purpose

We can help improve sustainability across the globe!

The mission

Our mission at  Fram Innovation is to bring  innovative and cutting-edge technologies to life at an accessible cost! We believe that affordability is key  to solving the world’s climate- and environmental challenges fast enough.  We believe that our groundbreaking  technologies must be affordable in both wealthy and developing countries.

More than twenty years ago a  close and fruitful friendship began, founded with an ambition and curiosity for game-changing climate and environmental  technologies. Based on  well known and proven physics and chemistry principles  we looked  for ways to solve some of the most challenging  climate and environmental issues facing the world today, while at the same avoiding all forms of pollution.

Together with a team of scientists, all among the best in their fields in the world, we set about our work and we are now ready to bring several of these  solutions to markets around the world.
With one of our first launches we aim to tackle  the global issue of rising CO2 emissions.

Why capture and store CO2  when the complete destruction of CO2 is possible? Fram innovation has been working on this challenge for several years and we are now ready to bring this solution to market and what is more, in line with our mission, we will do this at an affordable cost and with low energy consumption. Our solution goes to the heart of the issue. Working with physical phenomena like electromagnetic fields, cavitation and resonance we can change/split the molecules and change their behavior. This allows us to not only solve the challenge of CO2 emissions, but also remove dangerous environmental components in the flue gases.
Removing nitrogen from wastewater is another environmental challenge we will be undertaking with our groundbreaking technology.  Our first CO2 pilot is underway and we are now planning a water purifying pilot. 

If you want to change the world, then you need a new road map.  We are drawing the map.  Having identified several critical challenges,  we at Fram Innovation are now eager to make things happen. Taking big technological steps is often difficult.  The complexity and infrastructure of  existing industries can make such changes very difficult to implement, but our team is up for the challenge.

We believe in working together  to reach the goals  and together with our partners we are now building organizations, clusters and partnerships  so that we can act on solving the most important climate and environmental issues of our time. 

Working towards a sustainable future!

Meet the team!

Espen Berg

Engineer in electronics and marketing specialist. 35 years of experience from international corporations (Philips, Jotun and Design Bridge Ltd) to management for hire and entrepreneurship. Chairman/Board member in a number of different companies and volunteer organisations.

Ole Børresen
business development

Ole is siviløkonom from CBS and started early in his career with start-up of companies and project financing in Fearnley finance. Later, together with good colleagues, he started his own business. The business consisted of start-up companies, in industries such as maritime, real estate and technology.Ole has held the position as the Chairman of the Board of two companies listed on Oslo Børs and well-known companies he has led, as the main shareholder, are Fredensborg Eiendom, Bygdøy Alle 81, Kilen Brygge, Gyda Shipping, NorMar and Acqua Bar & Restaurant.

Bjørn Borgersen
Technical consultant

Engineer, Bjørn has a broad experience from Management, Sales and Project-management within the Oil & Gas business and general industry worldwide. Having led several international projects, he has multidiscipline experience from product development, engineering, construction and project execution. Bjørn is from earlier a two-times entrepreneur with good knowledge around start-ups, business development and company growth programs.



Gillian Hockly

Gillian is an experienced project manager with 15 years of experience of working with public projects in the realm of sustainability, entrepreneurship and innovation at a grass roots level. Originally from the hotel and tourism industry Gillian has extensive marketing experience both in Norway and internationally and is passionate about creating great customer experiences.

Zhanna Maltseva

Zhanna has years of experience in building important networks within international projects- and financial markets in Eastern Europe and UK.

Bente Riskild Borgersen
Managing Director

Bente has 30 years experience from various banks within sales and customer relationship. She has also been sales manager in Sergel Norge. The last years she has run her own business Friske Krefter AS, doing lecture in motivation and inspiratoren. 

Truls Aasberg Sales
Fram Medico

Truls is an Energy and Indoor Climate engineer, from Oslo Metropolitan University. He has specialised in indoor climate and HVAC systems, and worked for The Norwegian Heat Pump Assosiation, advisor at Sweco and developed enhanced methods for critical operations regarding heating and cooling systems.

Advisory Board


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