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Our mission at  Fram Innovation is to bring  innovative and cutting-edge  technologies to life at an accessible cost! We believe that affordability is key  to solving the world’s climate- and environmental challenges fast enough.  We believe that our groundbreaking  technologies must be affordable in both wealthy and developing countries.

Nitrogen-removal, from industrial, agricultural and household wastewater.

Reclamation of valuable metals and useful tailings from mining and industrial processes. 


Waste Management is a global challenge and a major contributor to environmental and climate issues. With our technology we can produce clean energy from plastic- and biological waste at a cost that makes it accessible anywhere in the world, thus tackling waste management and energy production at the same time and without emissions.


Why capture and store CO2  when the complete destruction of CO2 is possible? Fram innovation has been working on this challenge for a number of years and we are now ready to bring this solution to market.  What makes this even more in line with our mission, we will do this at an affordable cost and with low energy consumption.

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Based on well known and documented physical phenomena


When we think of tornadoes, we think about them as a scary, uncontrollable natural phenomenon.  Each year we watch in horror as these forces of nature create disaster zones wherever they strike - forces beyond our imagination and cyclonic winds tear everything they touch apart. 
This is exactly what happens in our reactors.
We tear apart molecules by creating such powerful mechanical movements that the structures collapse.  When we combine this with a resonance, we control which chain of molecules we destroy. Most importantly, we do this without consuming vast amounts of energy.

This we do with:
No pollution to air
No harmfull aches or masses
A very low investment cost
Full flexibility for increased capacity

Sustainability and
Corporate Social Responsibility

At the core of our technologies and motivation we incorporate all of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals as adopted by the United Nations and ratified by 193 countries around the world in 2015.  We have, however,  identified 10 of them as goals which we will strive to reach, measure and improve on, as part of our corporate responsibility program.
By contributing to solving major environmental and climate challenges we will improve the quality of life for all the people on the planet. At FRAM Climate, FRAM Reclamation and FRAM Pure Energy our disruptive technologies will help make the air cleaner,  the water purer and  provide energy from waste plastics and biomasses. All with low energy consumption, zero pollution and at accessible pricing for communities around the globe.